Photography backdrop 415

Photography backdrop 415

These are studio backdrops printed to order. They are printed on prefessional high quality matt vinyl or canvas. Canvas backdrops will give you 100% matt look while using flash lights and you can consider them while choosing dark designs (for example, dark wood floor) but please mind that canvas is thick fabric so it is not as easy to clean as vinyl is.

When you choose for example 160x300 it means you get wall and floor as in the main photo but if you choose wall only then you get the upper part, floor only - the bottom part.

In case of vinyl backdrops - please decide on sleeve option - this is a folded piece of vinyl (a kind of tunnel) where you place a horizontal bar of a backdrop stand and you do not have to use clips then. Backdrop sleeve is not possible with canvas backdrop.

Shipped within 14-28 business days.

If you want to change floor or mix two walls on one backdrop please CREATOR - there you compose your own backdrop.

INVOICES are sent to an email but only if you mark "send me a proper invoice" option at the checkout.

Canvas backdrops cannot be made with a tunnel/sleeve but with vinyl they are free just choose this option in your order.

ALL SIZES ARE IN CENTIMETERS - so 200x200 means 200cmx200cm; reminder: 1ft = approx. 30 cm

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